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Speechless and suprised

At the time of purchase i was very much scared but after using this, i am speechless and surprised kya ek stone itna magic kr skta hai now my skin looks even then before and shinny too. 100\100

Pia Kukreja


Instant results

Love the gua sha i can now feel the difference in my double chin and my dark circles are now a shade lighter

Nancy Sethi


Best Product Ever

Rose quartz roller is the best face tool i have ever purchased….i bought it while ago but been using it consistently from few weeks and its really really effective….honestly now i cant keep a day off without using it…It really calms my skin….in just few days of usage all my puffiness was gone..and i really see the improvement in my face shape….i can feel the tightness and i am really really happy with the results….big thanks to skin and you

Bavneet Kaur Kohli


Lot’s of Love SkinnandYou

I am loving the skinn and you jade roller and I am using it regularly as a part of my skincare regime. Hope to purchase the rose quartz sometime soon as well.

Bishakha Baruah


Fabulous customer service

The product has helped my acne to be more irregular. They don’t show up as frequent as they used to. Thanks again jyoti for your fabulous customer service

Kanika Aggarwal


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Face Roller?

A centuries-old Chinese skincare instrument, generally made with valuable, recuperating precious stones. The device for the most part has a bigger stone intended for use on the cheeks, jaw, and temple, while the smaller stone is for under the eyes and around the mouth. It is an other worldly, vivacious, remedial, (and lovely) apparatus.

For what reason would it be advisable for you to utilize a Crystal Facial Roller?

Precious stone facial rollers are utilized in healthy skin to make both physiological, influencing the physical skin, and vigorous, influencing the unobtrusive body, shifts. Precious stones waver and hold their frequencies. The electromagnetic vitality from a precious stone can transmit to adjust and stimulate the skin.

It is for anybody and everybody who appreciates negligible face ceremonies and still dreams for the stunning sparkle. Utilizing a precious stone face roller is basically giving your face an overwhelming and sumptuous back rub each time you use it. Use it twice day by day to keep up energetic, firm, lively and shining skin.

What is Jade?

Jade is a prevalent stone that is said to favor all that it contacts. It has essentialness in Asian culture for endless youth and is otherwise called ‘the stone of Heaven’.

“In customary Chinese prescription, well-being, magnificence, a quiet personality and quiet soul go together. Utilizing Jade upgrades our body’s filtration by evacuating poisons and adjusting liquids. Powerfully, it attempts to mend and adjust our inward energies and realize a feeling of concordance and parity.

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is the ‘stone of magnificence and love’. It facilitates pressure + worry in the body, relieves nervousness, and expands self esteem, which is basic with regards to clear, smooth skin.

What is the distinction among Jade and Rose Quartz Roller?

Jade and Rose Quartz are comparative in their motivation as a wonder instrument. The gems, in any case, have stylish and natural contrasts.

Jade is a Stone while Rose Quartz is a Crystal. 

Jade Facial Rollers have been confirm over from, to the extent the seventh century China, where the stone was known to have different mending properties. This stone was considered as an image of effortlessness, excellence, and life span in Chinese society. It is likewise known to adjust your inward vitality and gives you a feeling of harmony and concordance. While Ancient Egyptians accepted that Rose Quartz precious stones had hostile to maturing properties. It is believed that Goddess Isis would assemble rose quartz gems by the Nile River and use them to keep her skin clear and without wrinkle.

Jade-stone has a smooth surface with lighter weight. Be that as it may, Rose Quartz Crystals are polished with a lovely sheen, scatters rainbow-hued lights in the daylight and are heftier in weight.

Rose Quartz Crystals remain cooler for minimal longer time than Jade when they interact with the skin.

Jade stone atomic structure comprises of Sodium, aluminum, and silicate while Rose Quartz precious stones are stuffed with minerals like iron, sodium, silicium, magnesium, and oxygen.

What are the advantages of utilizing a Face Roller?

When you consolidate the moving activity with mending gems, it serves to:

Serves to de-puff

Disposes of poisons

Lessens irritation

Soothes sinus weight

Diminishes wrinkles

Lifts Collagen creation

Advances lymphatic waste

Improves bloodstream and circulation

Removes redness (when used cold)

Fortify and tones Facial Muscles

Enables the skin to retain serums and oils

Increments cell turnover for more brilliant skin

Animates and restore skin versatility

Discharges pressure and strain in facial muscles

What Skin-Type can utilize it?

All Skin-Types can utilize it.

How to use your excellent Products?

After each utilization, wipe your Crystal Roller delicately with a delicate soggy fabric. Store your rollers in a dry spot. Try not to open the rollers to unforgiving synthetic substances or cleaning specialists as it would dissolve the completion and clean. Try not to leave the roller in hot water.

Can i use face roller if my skin is sensitive or acne prone?

Skinn and You Face Roller is a healing device that has incredible advantages for skin inflammation like quieting redness, carrying flow to the skin, and can help calm worry in the face. Make a point to clean the roller when you use it. Likewise, be delicate and don’t squeeze it down hard on your skin.

What items to use with your Face Roller?

They can be utilized with any sheet veils, serums, lotions and facial oils profound of your decision.

It is safe to say that they are Authentic?

Indeed, they are 100% real and confirmed gems and stones.

It is safe to say that they are Brittle?

Indeed, as the face rollers are high quality. Squeezing them excessively hard, leaving them in a hot shower or dropping them can break the pieces of the roller just as the precious stone.

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