About Us

SKINN and YOU is a Natural Stone and Crystals Brand, We guarantee all our products are Authentic and Genuine and we do Provide a certificate on request. Crystals have been generally utilized from numerous hundreds of years in comprehensive recuperating to accomplish physical, enthusiastic, and otherworldly parity. At SKINN and YOU, we have investigated and consolidated the well-established custom of precious stone mending to minister rich facial items. SKINN and YOU is your one-stop shop to Authentic and Certified Crystal Face items in India and we sell across the globe. Our items are built with the most noteworthy quality stones.We put our trust in Nature and that’s what our motto says All Natural hence so Magical. SKINN and YOU advocate the significance of self revival and our vision is to get a move the wellbeing society in India by bringing back old healthy skin devices.

Our main goal is to grow the familiarity with consolidating an all encompassing ceremony in one’s every day schedule. With the day by day utilization one can accomplish ‘the faultless and pined for shine’ effectively at the solace of home.

What makes us exceptional is that our Natural Stone and Crystal Products are accused and favored of dynamic inspiration and accompanies an extravagance bundle.We at SkinnandYou always try to provide best customer experience. You may avail our 7 days Refund and Exchange Policy on all SkinnandYou products.