Jade Face Roller

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Skinn and You Jade Face Roller made of pure jade stone can offer a multitude of benefits and enhance your beauty rituals. This incredible beauty tool helps diminish fine lines, tone and tightens facial muscles, improves skin elasticity, reduces skin puffiness around the eyes, and aids in supporting the lymphatic system, the body's main major detoxification system. This semi-precious stone considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity has long been revered in the east for its mystical powers.

We at Skinn and You guarantee that these stones and crystals are in the purest form. We don't use any polishes, synthetic dyes, or glass fillers hence these stones might not be spotless or may have a few variations, however, each piece is smoothened out so that it never hurts your skin.

An ancient Chinese beauty tool known for facial massage, Jade Roller has been used for thousands of years for its beautifying and anti-aging effects. Traditionally, jade has been believed to hold healing properties and to promote balance and peace for the mind and body. Made of natural stones that have been incorporated in skincare rituals the jade facial roller is designed to massage the face for a cooling sensation, anti-inflammatory, and lymph draining effect.

Benefits of Jade Stone Face Massage Roller:

  • Jade roller for facial massage and skin rejuvenation
  • Tightens, smoothes, and sculpts the skin
  • Discourages the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
  • Relieves facial tension, sinus pressure, and headaches
  • Stimulates blood flow and oxygen for a natural glow
  • It can also be used on your face, neck, back, arms and legs wherever you need to massage and relax
  • Helps in better absorption of beauty products and serums deeper into the skin